Welcome to the website

Welcome to the new website and to the online home of “Journeys”. As the project grows this will be my main online platform and where all my work is presented first – before any social media platforms.

For some time I have hoped to build a house to pull together all the different aspects of my musical life, and I´m very proud to have finally built it – and even more so with the expertise and guidance of some great friends with whom I have collaborated with for many years. So first of all thank you to my graphics team Sunst Bros – who I met in my first days in Berlin in 2007 – for the art direction for the site. Second to Lucas Dietrich (who also plays bass with me & who I meet in my local kebab shop in 2011!) for the hours of coding in its construction.

If there is one thing that I am aware of as an independent musician, it is that we are only as good as the partners we chose. I´m lucky enough that even through up´s & down´s – I´m able to work with and collaborate with exceptionally talented human beings.

A reality of being an independent musician is that you also have to take responsibility yourself. My musical adventure has been characterized by the need to develop certain abilities in order to keep going. When I couldn´t afford to keep working with filmmakers on my first album (Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea), I started shooting my own, on a little tape DV camcorder. Over time I´ve got slowly better at it, and now my filmmaking has become an additional source of income that helps keep me going as a musician.

It is really only because of the tough circumstances for musicians over the last years, that I have had to develop this side of things. It´s hard for me to express how much joy, interest and insight it has brought to my life. Overtime I´ve become incredibly grateful for the circumstances that have led to where I am at at this point in time.

All along the way there have been moments of deep doubt & uncertainty. But the fact is that I´ve managed to reach this point by doing my best to move forward through whatever circumstances have come up. It´s all too easy to forget that the crappy experience shapes you as much as the good stuff – what matters is how you chose to attempt to deal with it.

On this note I am certain of two things:

First is that there is too much cynicism in the modern world – about ourselves, and even more so about each other. People are so quick nowadays to dump their shit on each other – just read any internet forum and you can see people wasting their hours squabbling about irrelevant things. I think its an expression of sadness and loneliness, but even more so of our consistent unwillingness to look at ourselves. I do believe that it is a great spiritual step to attempt to deal with the blows we experience in our own lives with a wide open heart, self reflection and a willingness to recognize and work on our flaws.

Second, I believe that that we have everything to play for – as a species, as societies, and as individuals. I am no longer – I once was – with the doomsdayers. I believe our fate – individually and collectively is in our hands. Why? For a simple reason. That every time I venture out into life – on a journey or just out my front door – I come across kindness. Most human being are regular people, and want the best for themselves, each other and their children. I don´t believe history is an endlessly repeating cycle of stupidity. I believe it is something that is in our hands, and that we have the capacity to make, create and shape together. Why? Because I believe in our capacity to develop spiritually. Our society has become somehow defeatist – as if we believe that our lot is drawn for us by the time that we become adults. Cynicism usually comes from believing that other people have it easier than ourselves, and feeling bitter about it. Rather, the challenge is to address our own development. To have the courage to believe that it is something in motion, something that, though we can´t control, we can help shape – through our courage.

It is from these twin perspectives – a pro and a contra – that the Journeys concept is born. It is a project I hope will promote our capacity for connectedness, togetherness and capacity for change. If anything, I hope it makes – in a very small way – a little stand against this prevailing feeling of defeatism, and the burgeoning plague of cynicism that has become too rife nowadays.

For me Journeys is something very simple. It is an invitation into the way of looking & experiencing the world from the perspective of one individual. Each individual life is a universe, and is precious. I´m not sure why we forget this so readily. All I know is that there are billions of people, and a fragile planet. This is a little portal into just one of those outlooks.

Finally, I´d like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me so far. I am once again an independent musician and your support going forward is something I continue to cherish – and which keeps me – and Journeys – going.

Cheers! Prost! Nastrovia! Gambe!



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