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The footage for “Sara” was filmed on the Island of Lesvos in February 2016. The song “Sara” was inspired by her arrival. Since September 2015, 340 children have died in the Aegean (UNHCR figure). She was last seen in the now abandoned Idomeni camp in Northern Greece living in a tent, with a terrible flu and is believed to have been re-located back to Athens. The song is part of the album which raised 19K towards a search and rescue boat for Proem Aid – a rescue team on Lesvos. The footage is from a documentary shot by Bastian Fischer and Jim Kroft between February – April 2016 and currently in post-production.

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“What struck me most during the months shooting my documentary on the refugee crisis were the daily moments of laughter, magic and human connection. It was out of these bonds formed, that the lyrics to Shadowlands were written. My thoughts were that beyond razor fences, armed police, and political rhetoric, the refugee crisis is about people. When cutting the video, I had the simple idea to bring forth the human aspect of this crisis. It is these moments, shared between refugee, locals, aid workers and volunteers that live with me. The video is a dedication to all the kindness, hope and lessons I received from so many people on my journey. And to the courage of humans.”

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“This video is a collection of impressions from my journey through East Africa – Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. It’s really a first hand “point of view” video from the long travels and the little moments of magic experienced.”

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“This video was really shot by accident, after getting lost on my final days during Journeys #2 in Uganda. The motorcyclists were great fellas, and very supportive of a lost traveler!”

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“Cinema Head” was shot on the fly as I made my way through East Africa. It began after meeting french film maker Guillaume Balois in Zanzibar, and continued as little moments of magic unfolded while on tour through Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. I am especially grateful for all the people who feature in the video, and who made the journey such a warm, vivifying and educative experience. Thank you Guillaume Balois, Bastian Fischer and Lina Hansson for the contributing footage!”

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Beautiful Ways was shot in just a couple of hours one evening in Beijing. Paul Morris turned up at my room in The Hutongs with a camera and a couple of beers and we just decided to go for a walk and see what happens. It turned into a couple of hours which seemed to reveal something of the hidden heart of China….

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Waiting for the Gods

“After the long road from Chongqing, I arrived in Changsha with a chest infection. I had a show to play & found myself at that mid point of a tour, feeling dispirited and physically worn out. As dusk descended the light by the Xiang river turned into the deepest, most otherworldly blue. It felt somehow that the song had predicted the moment, and I suddenly felt exactly where I was meant to be.”

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Break for the Light

I shot the video for »Break for the Light« as a labour of love during my month long stay in China. There are impressions and moments captured from the whole tour. Essentially this is a first hand viewpoint from my experience in China – as I discovered the country daily. It was shot in slow-mo on the brilliant Sony A7s camera – I recommend!



Here is a short introduction piece I made at home in Neukölln while I was planning »Journeys«. I had lost my deal with EMI the year before. After many false starts, I allowed myself to “stop” and accept that I felt totally stuck. Shortly after this »Journeys« began to form – and since then has felt like it is creating itself.