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An acoustic version of “Shadowlands” – one microphone, one shot, one balcony. It’s a little song about what unites us. I’m not sure when that became such a distant aspiration for us. The lyric “we’re entering an age of solitude” is about witnessing this great dividing that is happening. It doesn’t matter whether its Trump’s speech last night with its “pointed-finger” rhetoric, politicians playing on fear to win votes, the resurrection of old borders – it does feel there is a great retreat into fear & suspicion. Personally I think that we have much bigger challenges as a species. I find all the focus on creed, colour, class, religion, gender, sexuality a distraction. Ultimately we have to overcome all the “isms” and “distinctions” between us and recognise 1) that our underlying humanity is something shared 2) that the preciousness of the planet is a challenge we need to focus on collectively as a species. The lyric “we’ll cross that bridge together” isn’t about some soppy sentiment. It’s based on the fact that we will enter an age of solitude – in the extinction of the animal species, in the destruction of the rainforests, in the overfishing of the seas, in the event of nuclear attack – unless we face the spiritual challenge of learning to love one another, overcoming our differences, recognising that our challenges are collective, and rolling up our sleeves to work together – rather than against one another. Despite all the dark forces at play, the song is ultimately about hope. Life remains the great miracle, and living the great joy. And its remembering those gifts that can keep us motivated, keep us inspired, keep us challenging old problems with renewed spirt.


Thank you Adi from RAWCREATION and of course the boss that is Ben Barritt

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I’m very happy to report that Sara’s Boat is now built. It has been manufactured as a tailor made “search and rescue” boat. This week the electronics and engines are being put in, and hopefully the boat will soon be in the water.

PROEMAID continue their work on the South Coast of Lesvos. Even through numbers are down, there are still boats coming in. This week 4 more people drowned, with several more missing. There is renewed uncertainty now about what will happen in the Aegean since the Turkish coup. Turkey is more unsafe than it was before, and no one knows how that is going to effect a) the lives of the 2.7 refugees there and b) what will happen to the EU-Turkey pact.
With so much uncertainty, I think this boat is a statement to stand by vulnerable people on our shores. No human deserves to drown, especially while not fleeing war, torture and persecution.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported “Sara’s Boat”.


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Proud to be contributing to the great work done by lawyers from the “European Centre For Constitutional And Human Rights” (ECCHR) by providing footage from the recent journey. I can’t say details at this stage except that my work will be having a more specific practical result beyond the realm of ideas and culture.


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11/08/2016 | Hamburg | Kukuun | HAMBURG TICKETS
12/08/2016 | Köln | Artheater | KÖLN TICKETS
13/08/2016 | Berlin | Baumhaus Bar | BERLIN TICKETS

I’m very happy to announce my first multi media tour. It is something new for me and will feature several short films, photographs, speaking and of course songs. It is an opportunity to have a conversation about many of the themes explored in “Journeys”:

- The role of culture in a humanitarian crisis
- Stories from the road
- Songwriting process
- Tools for the challenges of a creative life
- DIY filmmaking on a zero budget
- What connects the youth of Africa, Russia & China
- What it is to be a European

I am hoping to have a conversation with people about life at this time, to drink a few beers, sing songs and to catch up with my friends in my adopted home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, and all help to get news out appreciated! x Jim


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I am very proud today to release the third musical release of the “Journeys” project. It’s an emotional conclusion for these songs, after being written in a van from Lesvos to Idomeni, Sofia to Belgrade. The most part was written over those 2 months earlier this year, and the album itself was recorded in on exhausting but beautiful session in 48hrs after returning to Berlin.

I really hope you enjoy the songs, and thank you again to every one who contributed, whether in its inspiration or its creation. Below are the links – I will send out the physical copies personally next week!



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Dressed in your Sunday best, looking like the rest
Trying to blend in and pass this test
While the Christians frown,
A Hindu Wedding Vow,
Reminds me I´m not the only odd one out

Estranged families,
Straining still to speak
Silence cutting through the air so quench
The dryness in your throat
The fist in side you coat
Some words are better left unsaid

All our lives, walking through the rain God Knows Where

See the bride embrace the rain,
The groom in tears again
Kisses, stolen by champagne glasses
A broken histories,
The tangled webs webs we weave,
Flowing from each Adam to his Eve

The furrowed brows allude
to the creases in your suit
Reigniting those old family feuds
Draw on that cigarette,
Try not to forget
Some words are better left unsaid

All our lives, walking through the rain to God Knows Where

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