After missing our ferry, Basti & I were lucky enough to have our hearts uplifted by this amazing coming together of locals, refugees & homeless people in Athens. These incredible moments of humanity are the under-reported story of the refugee crisis. People being good to people. Whenever did that stop being the coolest thing on earth?!

It was a joyous, educative and funny experience. Everyone was so welcoming and that was one of the most lovely introductions to Greek hospitality. Very fun to shoot, and I had fun the last days putting together this little video. So many spirited people around – and these stories for me are the real story behind the refugee crisis.

“The Social Kitchen” was begun by Konstantinos Polychronopoulos in 2011 after he lost his job. One day he saw 2 children fighting over discarded food & decided to do something about it. The definition of a hero.

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  1. Yi ///

    Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you Mr Kroft for capturing and sharing this warmth! ❤️

  2. Jim ///

    Thanks for dropping in again Yi – and for the kind words! Best wishes! Jim x

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