The documentary from this year’s European journey was finished yesterday! It has been an enormous labour of love. I’m releasing this small section today for 3 reasons ☞ READ MORE

First, I have received more from my journeys than I could ever give – and never more so than from the refugees I met this year. It’s been a privilege to receive the gift of some of their stories. I have tried to interpret what their art means to me as a European, and why I believe it matters to us.

Second, during editing there have been up’s and down’s. Yet all along the way I’ve had the understanding of my own life anchored by working on – & marvelling at – the humour, courage & humanity I’ve been so lucky to witness this year. It feels important to pass on.

Thirdly, tomorrow I begin my US journey. It will begin where this ends. In a passionate belief in the role of culture in these times. An excitement to seek America’s heart. And a conviction that within the vast open road ahead there is a narrative waiting.

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  1. LaVerne ///

    Beautiful. Devinely touching. Love tells a million stories. You told this one lovely. Thank you.

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