The recordings for the Journey’s 3 EP continued this week. It is rolling along at its own pace, and somehow asking not to be rushed. I was very lucky to have Yasmin Hadisubrata come in and put down some parts. This is a little clip from the outro to “Where the Lovers Go”. Yass was improvising the outro and this was just a random take as she warmed into the song. More below!

So this week the band recorded another song called Try To Reach the Earth. Ben put down some inspired slide playing, which I think is a first on one of my records! However, I think using Apfelessig is probably not so often used in Nashville – lets call this slide playing Berlin style! I was really fired up by the results – a great part from Ben, and hats of to Chris who made some inspiring suggestions on this track – which I think have brought it to a new level.

I had hoped originally to have the new EP out this year, but it is taking its own time, and I just feel its important to kind of obey the process. The project has so many dimensions, with the music, travel, film work, planning and so on. I have kind of had to accept that many of my original deadlines just don’t work. The project has its own life, and its just best to allow myself go with it.

So I have one more day of vocals on Monday before flying to Italy for the first part of the tour, and then the hope is to squeeze in the other vocals at the end of the tour before the Russian expedition. It continues to be a mad old juggle between the studio, filming (pic below from a session this week with Mishka Adams), planning Russia and preparing for the tour. All step by step!

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  1. Yi ///

    Sounds brilliant so far. I do so understand the part about going with the pace of things, as well as the need to know when to give it a push. The balancing act of life! So glad you’re able to enjoy the process. Continued luck and success in your journeys… Cheering for you always, Yi

  2. Jim Kroft ///

    You got it Yi! Thank you for the kind words!

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