Nothing But Hope and Passion

I will be writing a series of articles documenting my journeys for Nothing But Hope and Passion. Read the first one here below….

In the last year I have played shows on the rooftops of Nairobi, under the dystopian skyline of Chongqing, upon the endless white sands of Jambiani, before the Soviet architecture of Vladivostok, and in the deepest slums of Kampala. It has been a time of learning, of challenging myself, of eye balling fear, and rediscovering the great power of music to bring joy….

The Journal of Jim Kroft

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  1. Andrea Re ///

    Hey, will the first Journeys documentary be screened in Germany sometime too? Also a wonderful written article and beautiful pictures. Inspiring and insightful. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Jim Kroft ///

    Yes, working on that – will be soon!

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