A quick note after the journey home….

I have arrived safely back in Berlin after my adventure in East Africa. There are too many people to thank, so instead I will just say that it is hard to describe my gratitude to all the people who have supported me in so many ways. It is amazing how many strangers crawl out from unsuspected places to help you on your way – guardians & angels. It is really that which I am left with after my journeys so far – the feeling that there is an endless rich abundance of kindness and decency out in the world – and in us. Despite our best ways to fuck things up, most people are generous & funny as hell. Oh Zanzibar! Oh Tanzania! Oh Kenya! Oh Uganda! Thank you for everything. I played around 30 gigs from tiny villages In Tanzania to sitting in the dusty ground of shanty towns in Uganda, on the endless white sandy beaches of Zanzibar, to the glorious rooftops of Kenya. Little bits of magic crawled out from all over the place, and each night I slept with a hoarse throat and a happy heart. I don’t care what the cynics think or how they make you feel at times. Life is a miracle despite the deepest blues, the endless silences and the traumas of fate. In fact it is these very things which give it its radiance. For now I am happy at home with my terminated phone contract, suspended bank account, summons from various courts, and plotting my next journey….


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