Some news about the release of EP#3 and beginning recording EP#4

The project has been making a merry dance with going bankrupt since beginning since 2014. Essentially it is existing mainly due to a process of continuing miracles. And I mean miracles in the old fashioned sense, yup Moses and the Red Sea if you are Christian or Islamic (how the hell does everyone keep forgetting that they both share the same book in the Old Testament) or if you are atheist, the splitting of the atom.

As I have mentioned EP #3 was finished in January – more on that soon. All I know is that it will be released in April, and it is being sent out for production next week. Woop woop!

I spent more than I was intending on it because, well, because I’m a sadist and if I have pennies to spend they will dam well go into making something as magnificent as possible. However I’m incredibly proud of how its turned out and can’t wait to get it out to you all. It was a great joy to work with my great friend Chris Van Niekerk on the production.

In the mean time, songs have been coming strong for the 4th EP. Since the project is in need of a cash injection, I’ve started recording it in my bedroom, which has now been converted into the cheapest studio in Berlin. It’s something about saying to the Gods – you know what – we’re all carrying on regardless. We convince ourselves they are not on our side, but ultimately we know that all the challenges they throw at us are in our best interest. The day it gets easy will probably be the day I decide to finally give in and stay in bed.

Yes yes, the death of creativity for me would be things going too well. My Lord, let me fail, let me fail! If I were ever to achieve any type of worldly or financial success I am sure it would kill me artistically. For the now I have to keep producing, partly because I am on a hot streak, and partly because if I don’t I will finally have to write a CV, and frankly, I am already way past my sell by date.

So for better or worse, I am doomed to art, and art is doomed to me. We will be like one of those old married couples who just can’t get rid of each other, and only realise that we love each other after destroying one another.

Anyway, things seem to be all happening faster than I can control, so I thought I’d better start getting on with the new EP. So here are a couple of exerpts from the cheapest studio in the West….brought alive by a mattress stuffed against the wall and some of the best musicians in town.

The Red Sea seems as good a crossing as any…..

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  1. Yi ///

    I think you may underestimate your artistic/creative source. I doubt that worldly success would destroy your artistic spark—distract it temporarily perhaps. But there is no need to speculate on what might be. Enjoy the ride you are on…as it appears you already are. :)
    How wonderful that you have people you respect, trust and find reciprocally inspiring to work with!! I’m looking forward to the new releases with great anticipation! Cheers!!

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