Dressed in your Sunday best, looking like the rest
Trying to blend in and pass this test
While the Christians frown,
A Hindu Wedding Vow,
Reminds me I´m not the only odd one out

Estranged families,
Straining still to speak
Silence cutting through the air so quench
The dryness in your throat
The fist in side you coat
Some words are better left unsaid

All our lives, walking through the rain God Knows Where

See the bride embrace the rain,
The groom in tears again
Kisses, stolen by champagne glasses
A broken histories,
The tangled webs webs we weave,
Flowing from each Adam to his Eve

The furrowed brows allude
to the creases in your suit
Reigniting those old family feuds
Draw on that cigarette,
Try not to forget
Some words are better left unsaid

All our lives, walking through the rain to God Knows Where

I wandered through “Karneval der Kulturen” this year with a sense of awe. It just felt pregnant with so many glimpses of humanity; our capacity to celebrate each other, the secret stories hidden in people’s faces, the kaleidoscope of our histories shadowing us. It’s one of my favourite days in Berlin, seeing each culture represent itself, and dance with one another. It always gives me a sense of how the world could be, even if through the prism of a hedonistic Berlin twist! We all live together, and by and large we do it dam well, even if there’s some way to go. Our’s is a multicultural, beautiful, shifting culture. Despite our division, at the last we walk hand in hand. I enjoyed participating this year as an observer, and filmed this as the day turned from sun to rain and back again…“walking through the rain to God Knows Where”. This is the first song we recorded in our madcap 48hrs making the new album “Journeys #3”. It is out on Friday, and some songs are already available on the link below. I’m looking forward to releasing it, there’s so much of so many people in it – both in its inspiration and its creation.


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