Some notes jotted down while traveling by ferry from Sardinia to Rome…

And journeys continues to teach me. That a meal on your own is inherently invested with a sadness. That the capacity for aloneness, though useful, cannot disguise loneliness. That a view shared lifts the soul from the earth, but none the less is better shared. That the world is populated in the main by magic, it is just darkness which is more often reported. That there are many ways to look like a man, but to become one is a life long journey. That laughter in any situation cures better than any medicine. That nothing breaks anxiety like a human smile. That genuine thought only happens when accompanied by silence. That we lose something of our deepest self in our addiction to the internet. That we tend to crave God when we are afraid, but he only turns up when we are in deep peril. That the devil is a jester who observes bad rather than creates it. That our understanding of love is deepened by separation. That to travel does not cure a demon, but deepening ourselves does. That prejudices are just lazy excuses for people who haven’t experienced enough. That stereotypes are a coat which fits few bodies. That there is a brotherhood of artists just below the parametres of whatever some call “success”, creating beautiful, moving, challenging work. That if you travel enough you will meet the favourite characters of the books you have read. That ultimately our time is short, the recognition of it painful but incredibly motivating. That angels are amongst us here at every turn – if only we are willing to open our eyes. That our lives turn upon the view of a star over a foreign city, and whose legacy is transported in space on the back of a dancing dashing lightbeam. And in that who is to say we ourselves can’t transform our lives, meet the challenges of our age with courage, embrace strangers as our own, have the courage to create and believe in new ideals. If I can say anything, it is to cherish the dream weaver within you. Just as spiders may not fathom the source from where its web springs, so is our potential ever present, ever possible, ever available – sometimes defeated, but never ever destroyed.

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  1. Yi ///

    Aaww man. It is just good to know that you exist in this world and are you. Thanks for all you share. ❤️ Yi

  2. Jim Kroft ///

    Thank you Yi! X

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