11/08/2016 | Hamburg | Kukuun | HAMBURG TICKETS
12/08/2016 | Köln | Artheater | KÖLN TICKETS
13/08/2016 | Berlin | Baumhaus Bar | BERLIN TICKETS

I’m very happy to announce my first multi media tour. It is something new for me and will feature several short films, photographs, speaking and of course songs. It is an opportunity to have a conversation about many of the themes explored in “Journeys”:

- The role of culture in a humanitarian crisis
- Stories from the road
- Songwriting process
- Tools for the challenges of a creative life
- DIY filmmaking on a zero budget
- What connects the youth of Africa, Russia & China
- What it is to be a European

I am hoping to have a conversation with people about life at this time, to drink a few beers, sing songs and to catch up with my friends in my adopted home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, and all help to get news out appreciated! x Jim



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