The Challenge of One's Contribution

When I set out on the “Journeys” project I didn’t have much of a sense of what lay ahead. I knew that I had a guitar and a camera, and a will to engage and experience the world in a new way. The capturing of what I discover happens on film, and its interpretation happens in song. My hope has always been that in combining them, that I might be able to offer a different perspective than what is reported in the news. Having traveled across China, Africa, Russia and Europe so far, I’ve found that the most beautiful things often lay in the darkest corners. That the deepest insights often happen when you are most alone. That you learn more about yourself the deeper into the unknown you venture. I find that most people have a kind heart, despite how things sometimes appear. When you’re lost, people help. When you are hungry, someone will feed you. When you’re honest, someone will give something back of themselves. Anyway, there’s so much more that I have to learn. How one can make a contribution in one’s life, and hopefully to the world, is one of life’s greatest challenges. But I feel that to explore it – how we engage, how we involve, how we give, is one of life’s great adventures. And like all adventures, you have breakthrough’s, you make mistakes, you grow, learn, discover, and hopefully at the last, contribute something. Anyway, at the moment, I’m continuing my exploration of how experience, film & music can combine to offer something. Peaceful evening all & more to come.


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