I am very pleased to announce that I will be on tour in Italy, Austria and Germany in October! The full dates will be announced the Friday. Here is a video with an overview in the blog below ☞

Well life is a mad old mix at the moment:


- first of all there are a lot of tour dates coming up in October. I am very excited to be playing my first shows in Italy – a festival in Sardinia followed by shows in Rome. I must also thank my friend Dario from Ofen Bar who is an Italian genius and an incredible support to musicians all over Berlin. I can also announce that the final show of the tour will be in his little bar on the 24th of October. It will also be a special sing along night, so if you are going to come, bring your full lungs and be prepared for some acoustic rock n roll!


- then there is the small matter of RUSSIA. Yup, Journeys 3 will begin in November. There is an unbelievable amount of planning going into this, and I must say that, after a slow start, things are beginning to develop some wind. Just like on the China and East Africa journeys, there are all types of angels, guardians and helpers coming out from unexpected corners. You all reaffirm my belief that we must have the courage to reach out in our lives and allow the world to help. We find a way. Special thanks to Tim Joppien and Victor so far, for all the effort.


- next week I am back in the studio with my band and great friend maverick producer Chris Van Niekerk. So far we are 4 songs in. I am really pumped for the new songs. A lot of work ahead but just a great feeling to be rolling, writing new songs, and most importantly bringing them to fruition. How I love the studio! Especially excited for new song “Where the Lovers Go”.


- finally Journeys #2 is officially released on the 9th of October SO there is a lot coming! First of all there are 3 new music videos, a new documentary and I will be continuing my journal for Nothing But Hope and Passion

Many miles to walk ahead….! If you’d like to catch up on the documentary from the China trip CLICK HERE!


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