Sometimes when arriving somewhere new there is a resistance to letting go, arriving, accepting something new. Especially somewhere paradisial. Journeys is about the exploration of new things, but this exploration doesn´t necessarily come easily. Like most things in life, sometimes it takes an act of will to let go your own rhythms and embrace that of somewhere else.

Nietzche talks of the need to “love your fate”. The acceptance that wherever you are in this moment – whether physically or spiritually – is exactly where you are meant to be. Sometimes when I arrive somewhere foreign, I find it pronunciates the foreignness I find in myself – as if the state of feeling foreign brings out something I already feel more. Its just the state of unsettledness one feels before one adapts I guess. I always find it a hard transition.

When in this state I find the challenge is one of acceptance – of allowing oneself to feel comfortable wherever one finds oneself. I am often amazed at how quickly I can pass from a state of anxiety to a state of flow. The bridge between these things is often a mystery to me. But I do know that it is about faith. To overcome a set of feelings you have to believe. There is no roadmap and no guarantee. But if you are willing to take the first step, life will do the rest for you.

In any case, I find myself now in this moment in a state of arriving. This time the psychological transition feels like it is happening quickly. After some busy months, I am getting back to being. Feeling, seeing, hearing. Exploring the great passives. Allowing the wind to envelop my being, my feet to become shoeless, the sun to bronze my skin. Letting old monsters sleep.


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