I have been working hard on finishing the Journeys #2 episode for East Africa. I am glad to say that the main cut if finished – BUT – I have to finish off the music from the new EP ☞ more below

Again, part #2 has been a huge labour of love, and an incredible learning experience. The main reason I have delayed releasing it, is that it needs to have some of the songs which I wrote from Africa – which will be on the new EP. I’m really proud of those songs and 3 of them will feature in the documentary – Try to Reach the Earth, Red Petrochia Scent and Let’s Do This Thing Called Life.

There have also been some huge technical challenges in making it as the Adobe Creative Cloud is still very unsteady in my experience – a lot of problems – mainly in exporting the documentary (i.e to make it “a movie”)

Anyway, I am sure that that part is not over, but I have a bloody minded attitude with this project. It faces so many seemingly insurmountable challenges and tasks – whether in financially keeping itself going or in just its total dependence on miracles to happen. But I resolved that I would see it through, and so far that attitude has meant that every mountain has been climbed.

Anyway, please let me know your thoughts as ever in the comments below!

I am hoping that the cinema release will be at the end of January. Before then, there is the small matter of Russia next week. More of that and the preparations in a post this weekend x Jim


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