No single moment has educated me more about refugees than speaking with this brave young man from Afghanistan. It is Afghans who from this week can no longer cross the border from Greece into Macedonia.

I was spending a second day in Moria Refugee Camp on Lesvos. The camp is divided into two parts. The main part is an old military base. It’s very very ominous, with huge grey walls, barbed wire. It’s virtually impossible to get in, so we spent our time in another camp outside its walls – but in eyesight. Its called “Better Days for Moria” or sometimes Afghan Hill. It is mainly for people who are not able to get entry into Moria.

Basti and I interviewed several people there, but by far the most resonant for me was with this young man, Nowrosalin from Afghanistan. I’ve never felt so close to some’s pain than this. It was humbling on so many levels. As someone who has a project called “Journeys” I felt I had finally met someone who had made the fundamental journey we make as humans – that is to cherish our lives, and to protect them, but doing whatever it takes to survive to find a safe home.

“My country is not for a human, it is only good for terrorists, not for normal humans…the terrorists will kill me….I am a human, I have a dream…..its too hard for us, we all need a good life….because of that we are traveling on water, on river, on ocean..I want to go to school and I make a dream….”

We are currently on the north side of the Island and are heading back for a final night on the beaches tonight before heading to the Greece-Macedonia border. We are going to stop at Moria & I’m going to try to get inside the main camp with a hoodie. Maybe its possible with a hoodie. The irony of trying to break into a camp where everyone wants to get out is not lost on me.


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