I had a lovely creative workshop with the students of Bundesgymnasium Bludenz in Austria recently. This video is one of things we made. It started with a simple conversation – that is, I asked them about their response to the world, what they are thinking about the current state of things, and what they’d like to change. My role was to offer some tools – film making, images from my journeys – but from the very first spark, they directed this video, called “FRIEDE” themselves. (More in blog)


First the students conceptualised the idea of a song, and then we worked up a mood which would form the background to their thinking.

Then they worked on individual statements, which we then recorded. We wanted to make something open and “non-linear” – so we then cut up their statements into fragments, and playfully worked to build a new feeling and meaning. Once we had the song & the statements recorded, the students went through clips from my journeys through Russia, China, Africa, Europe and the US, and directed what images resonated with them most.

I think for all of us it was an incredibly bonding experience. I was just so moved by their openness and willingness to create something out of nothing. Most of all it reminded me that we have to listen to what younger people are thinking and saying – nothing washes away the doubt and cynicism of the adult world than young people having the courage to put their voices out there.

Thank you to teacher Juergen and the students Laura, Jan, Emanuel and Philipp for both their creativity & the permission to post the video here. And to ALL the students for a wonderful few days – I carry them with me still! Simply put, you really inspired me and I wish you much love as you set off on the next phase of your own journeys X


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