Journeys #3

Music Video


The footage for “Sara” was filmed on the Island of Lesvos in February 2016. The song “Sara” was inspired by her arrival. Since September 2015, 340 children have died in the Aegean (UNHCR figure). She was last seen in the now abandoned Idomeni camp in Northern Greece living in a tent, with a terrible flu and is believed to have been re-located back to Athens. The song is part of the album which raised 19K towards a search and rescue boat for Proem Aid – a rescue team on Lesvos. The footage is from a documentary shot by Bastian Fischer and Jim Kroft between February – April 2016 and currently in post-production.

Music Video


“What struck me most during the months shooting my documentary on the refugee crisis were the daily moments of laughter, magic and human connection. It was out of these bonds formed, that the lyrics to Shadowlands were written. My thoughts were that beyond razor fences, armed police, and political rhetoric, the refugee crisis is about people. When cutting the video, I had the simple idea to bring forth the human aspect of this crisis. It is these moments, shared between refugee, locals, aid workers and volunteers that live with me. The video is a dedication to all the kindness, hope and lessons I received from so many people on my journey. And to the courage of humans.”