Journeys #2

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“This video is a collection of impressions from my journey through East Africa – Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. It’s really a first hand “point of view” video from the long travels and the little moments of magic experienced.”

Music Video


“This video was really shot by accident, after getting lost on my final days during Journeys #2 in Uganda. The motorcyclists were great fellas, and very supportive of a lost traveler!”

Music Video


“Cinema Head” was shot on the fly as I made my way through East Africa. It began after meeting french film maker Guillaume Balois in Zanzibar, and continued as little moments of magic unfolded while on tour through Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. I am especially grateful for all the people who feature in the video, and who made the journey such a warm, vivifying and educative experience. Thank you Guillaume Balois, Bastian Fischer and Lina Hansson for the contributing footage!”