Journeys #4

The Sky over Marfa
No Country For Old Men
Those roads go on forever, as do the rails
I met Elison in Alpine in Texas, he had lived more lives that its possible to write about
The Rodeo in Kerville
I'm not sure I've quite dealt with it yet...
Trump Towers, New York
Waiting to on stage before my final show in the US in 2016
These lovely fellas were out in New York hustling their music - I admired their work ethic & parted with a couple of new CD's and a smile!
A portrait of a tired old man in New York!
4 of my brothers from the journey
Seeing the funny side before playing in New York
Um, chasing gulls again!
The breathtaking beauty of our world. How we need to protect it.
Taking a moment out in the desert - and the digesting the sense that the world had changed after Trump's win the night before....
Finally reaching the other end of the world having set off from the Sea of Japan
Nervous times on Myrtle Beach a couple of hours before Hurricane Matthew makes landfall
Writing my first song on a Louisiana piano while outside alligators bathe by the swamp
In the White Sands of New Mexico
A couple kiss on a construction site and teach me something about the American Dream
"hey man, its America, we're free to disagree"
With legendary bass player Stutz Beercatz, Cleveland
The Richmond building in Cleveland - I managed to enter and walked where once 15,000 Americans once made suits
Pete has served 2.1 million hotdogs in Cleveland but is still not sure which way he will vote
And abandoned house in East Cleveland, Ohio
The Richmond Building - where in the shadows you hear a requiem for the American Dream...
Recording in Terry Roncagli's garage, Chagrin Falls Ohio
Stutz Beercatz
My first home in Brooklyn
In Don's flat in Harlem
Gazbe Debonair - enjoying our film shoot
Recording the first video for up coming hip hop artist Gazbe Debonair
An introduction to the vastness of America
Joey's Pizza
Don's flat in Harlem
Underground characters
Don - from ghetto to airforce to barbering to spiritualism