Journeys #2

One of the most special moments at a "gig" I've ever played - Bukoto Market
Brian Gisa. Miracle worker.
Leave a Scotsman and a Rasta together & see what happens.....good times with Gisa in Kampala
Getting my nightly rolled eggs from Eddie in Bukoto Market
The lady with the most awesome smile in Uganda....
Enjoying some time with Bruno Ruganzu who won the Ted prize in Uganda...a true gent with a James Bond car...!
Charles Obina, a special musician who was abducted at the age of 8 and forced into child soldiery...
Gisa - my fixer in Uganda - who has become a great friend. A special character and a genius in the art of getting things done....
I met Peter in Nairobi and he became my regular trusted man to call for a lift - he has a dream to open a music studio....and a plan to make it happen.....
Awesome wee laddies causing trouble in Kampala...
....yup, one remains a work in progress....
Playing with Danger, one of Kenya's premiere bass players....
Enjoying some street time after the show at The Goethe Institute in Nairobi
Catching 40 winks after interviewing some members of the Nairobi Arts Community PAWA 254 for the East Africa documetnary
Taking a quick snooze in between sets in Nairobi
Enjoying a beautiful moment as "Tell Me Where to Begin" is translated and sung in Swahili by the crowd
Plugging in and playing at Choices in Nairobi after nearly missing the show after heavz traffic....
One of the best gigs of the East African tour, a beautiful rooftop at PAWA 254, 300 people through the door and a perfect introduction to Nairobi....
Taking the show into the audience at The Goethe Institute in Nairobi
Exchanging songs with an Islamic man in Jambiani, shortly before evening prayers
Jamming with the kids in Jambiani
Lost artist asking for directions somewhere in Southern Kenya
The Crater of Mt Suswa, near The Rift Valley, Kenya
Viewing the crater below Mt Suswa....radiant below a partially full moon...
Continuing to learn about long exposure photography on Mt Suswa, Kenya
Following Daniel, a Masai pathfinder to the top of Mt Suswa...
Camping on Mt Suswa in Kenya
I was joined by this wonderful lady for a few songs at Tamarind Mombasa - one of the great voices!
Taking 5 after the show on Diani Beach
5am start and onwards from Dar Es Salaam to Kenya!
I met a great guy in Mombasa who insisted that I had to experience diving for the first time - the beauty of chance encounters!
The view to the Red Monkey Jam night on Zanzibar
I greatly enjoyed a walk down the beach of Bagomoyo after the show with Msifiri Zawose and his band. I had a lovely meeting with these fisherman and we enjoyed attempting to bridge the gap between Swahili and English with some very comical gesturing!
Msifiri makes all of his own instruments at his home in Bagomoyo. He took me around his home, which is a compoud of many huts and houses, where over 50 members of his family live.
Enjoying Msafiri Zawose´s band perform in Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Having my mind blown by the brilliance of Msifiri Zawose and his band at their home in Bagomoyo.
A view of Dar Es Salaam - a beautiful solace on one of the more lonely days of Journeys #2
Water of Zanzibar
With Raz Six and Susu Man who I played with on my first night in Dar Es Salaam
Playing a special performance at the St Joseph´s Orphanage, Arusha
Stage Invasion!
Performing at St Joseph´s Orphanage in Tanzania
I thought it was a jumping dog....I´ve been in cities too long....
Flamingo´s in Arusha National Park
This zebra was a wonderful model
Swahili and friends after recording together on Dreamers Island
Said and Jen from Dreamers Island - beautiful hosts
Recording with Swahili and Friends on Dreamers Island, Stone Town
My hosts in Zanzibar, Mark and Kristine: thank you forever
Aim True
I need to learn how to carry my luggage more from a master!
A stolen moment to think while driving at sundown in Zanzibar
My well travelled hat catching some rays in Stone Town
Preparing to leave for Tanzania in this little plane....
On the Road to the Deep North
Wonders in Stone Town
Taking in the atmosphere and culture in Stone Town
On the road to the Deep North....
Playing with Swahili and Friends in Jambiani
Lovely little home in Jambiani on the left
Stone Town wanderings
View from the Honorary Consul of Spain´s house
First show in Stone Town, Zanzibar
Writing songs on my porch in Jambiani
A friendly fellow dropped in before the show at Red Monkey!
"Take a solo man!"
Playing with the band of Mzungu Kichaa, and the man himself, at Red Monkey Zanzibar
Flying over the ever changing landscape between Addis Ababa and Kilimanjaro.
Meeting Salam in Stone Town. A local teacher and hero who looks after 35 orphans.
This wonderful man Salem was reading his book in a boat. I introduced myself and the 35 orphaned kids he looks after soon surrounded us.
Some local boys teaching superman a thing or two in Stone Town, Zanzibar